Hiking in South Africa

This is a picture gallery including three hikes in South Africa: Last year christmas with our friends Dylan,  Tina and Nadja; a hike with Sonja in the Golden Gate and a day hike with my brother Hartmut and his sons David and Paul.

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Kabul weiredness

It feels very strange and remote. You are alone (or nearly alone) in a run-down hotel in Kabul city. I woke up an hour ago after very light sleep and after hours of reports about fightings a various places in town.

Drowsy, I hear a bomb. Two more. Single-shot fire. Than more machine gun fire. a [...]


Flying Porterville

This fading summer I had the pleasure to fly in Porterville a few times. It is a great, great area for flying. This site is not only marking my personal best. I had lots of fun, I met great people and flying is made easy by the very well organised environment for paragliders.

I was [...]

Back in Afghanistan

Afghanistan 2011. Coming back after 5 years. It was very much unclear how that would feel like. Did Kabul change dramatically? How to rebuild the ties with friends from the good ol‘ times? How to get on with increased insecurity and eve more increased security efforts?

Is it allowed to say „Kabul was fantastic“? Yes, it [...]

Sunday Braai @ the pool

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Marathon in Soweto II

Last week, Sonja wrote about the Soweto experience. Now, we have the proof with the pics! Well, at least they proof, it was a tough one!

Marathon in Soweto

Yeah – my first Marathon; arriving is all! 5 hours it took me and I was in pain. Running through Johannesburg South Western Townhsip (Soweto) s an experience though. At 6am, most of the people on the street are still having their parties; returning from a party and blast the music out of their cars [...]

Flying in Wilderness II

We took a long weekend and hoped on a plane to Wilderness at the Garden Route to get some air time. Wilderness is a nice sleepy town at the coast in the middle of the garden route. It’s a good spot for coastal flying with some soaring sites at the sea and also two inland [...]

The big Southern Africa Road Trip

6020km, US$500 Diesel, 1 Nutella Glas, 3 kg Pasta on the camping cooker, 1 Gin- and several Tonic bottles, ca. US$800 Visa-and other bordercosts, ca. 6 hours spent at borders, 4 bottles of anti mosquito spray (but therefore no antimalaria pills), 3 whale sharks, 4 manta rays and 1 leopard with dead impala dinner: [...]


Ob es heute bei dem Spiel Niederlande – Brasilien wieder so ein herrliches Farbenmehr gibt?

So oder so: Heute steht für mich das Gelb-Grün der Selecao im Vordergrund!!!

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