The „Berg“

The „Berg“

Schon die Annäherung an die Drakensberge ist beeindruckend, ja ein wenig furchterregend, wenn man näher kommt. Die „Drachenberge“ sind eine 1500 Meter aufragende Wand, das Escarpment, das sich auf einer Höhe von 3000m über 300 km an der Grenze von Südafrika und Lesotho hinzieht. Aus dem Escarpment können sich in Minuten gewaltige Wolken bilden, [...]

Golden Gate

It is a country of unlimited outdoor posibilities. South Africa is just wonderful for hikers.

We explored one of the smallest National Park, the Golden Gate National Park, for a long weekend. It is nestled in the middle of South Africa at the border to Lesotho, a three hours drive from Jozi.

The names stems from the [...]

Not so wild Wild Coast

Blue skies, white clouds, dark cliffs, whales jumping, dolphins playing.

A country beautiful and divided, stunning and frustrating.

We had it all at a fantastic five day hike at the west coast.

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We, that was Nadja & Markus (friends from Germany) and Sonja and myself, were hiking on the [...]

A tale of two towns

A: „I live in Joburg.“

B: „—-„

A: „Yes, in Joburg.“

B: „I never could live there. Can you live there?”

A: “Yes, actually, I find this town really exciting. Sometimes challenging, but really, really interesting.”

B: “I never could live there. No beaches. So much crime. All the blacks.”

A: “This diversity produces such an energy. That’s really South Africa.”

B: [...]

Babur Gardens

There is a good things about bombs in Kabul. You stay home and have time to post the pictures of your lovely day before: So yesterday, we were in Babur Gardens. A 300 year old garden built by one of the Moguls governing the whole of South Asia and living in Kabul. It was rebuild [...]

Rumble besides the jungle

A view days on mission in the DR Congo. What would happen in one of the worst governed countries in the world? Do I get through customs without bribing? When will the first soldier (or worse MONUC, the famously dubious UN mission here) stop and asked to be bribed for whatever funky reason? Is it [...]

Flying in Wilderness II

We took a long weekend and hoped on a plane to Wilderness at the Garden Route to get some air time. Wilderness is a nice sleepy town at the coast in the middle of the garden route. It’s a good spot for coastal flying with some soaring sites at the sea and also two inland [...]

The big Southern Africa Road Trip

6020km, US$500 Diesel, 1 Nutella Glas, 3 kg Pasta on the camping cooker, 1 Gin- and several Tonic bottles, ca. US$800 Visa-and other bordercosts, ca. 6 hours spent at borders, 4 bottles of anti mosquito spray (but therefore no antimalaria pills), 3 whale sharks, 4 manta rays and 1 leopard with dead impala dinner: [...]

Ouagadougou and Dakar

Two African cities in two weeks: Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso and Dakar in Senegal.
Ouagadougou, the city with the beautiful name borders right to the Sahel states; as such it is pretty hot, dusty and malaria hot spot. At the same though the people are some of the most friendliest I have met and the city [...]

Jozi or Cologne - that's the choice

I had in the last two weeks the luck to compare to of the loveliest cities in the world: Jozi and Cologne.

First: Welcome in Cologne: The town shows it’s best at the main station.
These pics are dedicated to David and Sebastian for their love for the architecture and the city’s management of Cologne.
Please click on [...]