Flying in Mpumalanga

Last weekend to got ready to get out the dust of Sonja’s glider and to get my brandnew Sigma 8 a try. iWe drove up towards Kruger. 100 km before Kruger where the escarpement drops to the Lowveld there are some good sites to explore. Most of them are somehow hidden and you need a [...]


Flying Porterville

This fading summer I had the pleasure to fly in Porterville a few times. It is a great, great area for flying. This site is not only marking my personal best. I had lots of fun, I met great people and flying is made easy by the very well organised environment for paragliders.

I was [...]

Flying in Wilderness II

We took a long weekend and hoped on a plane to Wilderness at the Garden Route to get some air time. Wilderness is a nice sleepy town at the coast in the middle of the garden route. It’s a good spot for coastal flying with some soaring sites at the sea and also two inland [...]

Paragliding in (the) wilderness

Paragliding in wilderness is not wild, but actual the most accessible way to paraglide in South Africa – as far as what we have seen. Sonja posted a view photos last week, just check it below! If you want to see more of the stuff, check the gallery in Picasa.

In addition to the pictures I [...]

Laufen und fliegen zu Ostern

Ostern am Kap mal anders.

Zuerst ist Reinhard 56km um das Kap gelaufen; alles sehenswerte an einem Tag. Beneidenswert, und das nur in knapp 6 Stunden (…). Ich hatte es da schon einfacher, ich bin nur in Dunkelheit und Regen 22km um den Tafelberg gelaufen. Glückliche Fotos von beiden von uns gibt es erst wieder ein [...]

Volksruist - Paragliding

Last weekend we went to Volksruist. A small town in the middle of nowhere, about 250 km south-east of Johannesburg. We were there with a great group organized by Ronnie. It is fabulous landscape, wide plains, grassy hills. Small little Boer towns. We stayed in a nice little village Wakkerstrom, in a house of a [...]

Laudium Flying Site

A week ago, we tried another site: Laudium. This site is the most accesible from Pretoria and Johannesburg, about 15 km Southeast from Pretoria. It is the only site around where you can reach take-off and landing with a normal car. The take off is a gentle slope and it is on grass. It is [...]

Don't Panic

Do you want to fly?

Ok, most of you read the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so you know what to fly – in theory: “There is an art, it says, or rather, a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.”

Did you ever try it? I [...]

Eagles Nest - Paragliding

Finally, two good days of flying!

We used the two first days of our summer holidays (yes guys, we are in the south: X-mas = summer holidays).

We headed to Eagles Nest. One of the nearest flying sites for paragliders in Jo’burg and Pretoria. Eagles Nest is in the Magaliesberg, a mountain range in the North of [...]