Flying in Mpumalanga

Last weekend to got ready to get out the dust of Sonja’s glider and to get my brandnew Sigma 8 a try. iWe drove up towards Kruger. 100 km before Kruger where the escarpement drops to the Lowveld there are some good sites to explore. Most of them are somehow hidden and you need a friend to show it to you. We could explore three sites. The first one was Bambi which was described in an earlier post. We had a day long flying, with an epic and endless valley release.


The second one is Paradise Falls (before called Densa). A good soaring site with some XC potential if you manage to jump over the first few km of forest without landing possibilities. After a long day waiting, the wind picked up in the afternoon and we could get another two hours of airtime with beautiful soaring. The next day, the ridge was just 20 meter below cloudbase. So it was an art to stay up, but to prevent to get more than 20m height not to get in the clouds.


Finally, we could explore Mt. Carmel. Unfortunately now pics here. It is a really great side with lots of XC potential. It was tricky to find the first thermals, so I had to lend in after half an hour flight. But Sonja went away with a nice cross-country flight of 15 km.

I love my new wing. It was so easy to get used to it. The feel is very compact and responsive, the glide is way beyond my previous glider and I am just keen to fly and fly more!


Sure, we will come back to see more of Mpumalanga from above!



More pics:

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