Kabul weiredness

It feels very strange and remote. You are alone (or nearly alone) in a run-down hotel in Kabul city. I woke up an hour ago after very light sleep and after hours of reports about fightings a various places in town.

Drowsy, I hear a bomb. Two more. Single-shot fire. Than more machine gun fire. a few flashes from bombs shine through your tightly closed curtains, 2 seconds later you hear the bomb. What did I learn at school: One second delay of the sound is 300 m distance?

In your hotel is no guard on duty who speaks English. even the words “saferoom” or “bunker” are unknown. I send  the risk management office from my company a SMS about where I think the fighting is and remind them  about my location. More fighting. Some helis. Why is nobody else in this bloody hotel so we can chat a bit? Well the risk management office (RMO) calls me and assures me where the fighting is. It IS actually 1 – 2 km away. The otherwise silent night let every shoot sound like being in your backyard.

It calms down. First  SMS of RMO informs us that fighting is at two places.Shall I take a sleeping pill to find some sleep? Well at least, pack a run back with money and Passport, who never knows. Ok, let’s have half a sleeping pill, it calms down outside.

But than more bombs, wow, really, strong, sounds definitely much nearer know! Full awake. The dark sky is full of helicopter, presumably bringing troops and heavy arms to the other fighting site. full awake. Definitely not over. Good, that I bought a bottle of good old malt, I need a sip. but not too much, in case we have to be relocated.

I want to look out. But that’s what you are not supposed to do. They say most incidents are from nasty window glas splitter after explosions.

But I can’t keep it back: Nothing to see. Dark  with dark shades and the sound of more helicopter. Only a few shots. Pough, another two grenades with weak lightning.

The moon has risen, a slime nice start of the moon. It reminds of my first Eid (breaking the fast of Ramadan) I had hear a few years ago. Nothing is more joyful in Kabul than that. So I take it as a good sign of peace and calm. Sure, it will be back in about an hour or so.

How must people in Homs feel to have this every day and every night and amplified by ten???? Brothers and sisters in Homs, my heart is with you!!

Wow, it is now 3:30 am. Two laters after the first explosions. Still going on. Very few shootings. You think, it has calmed down, it is over. Than anoter big explosion., followed by gun fire and again silence. Just the helicopters are circling. And again a blast, one more, more gun fire. A few helis coming over. more shooting.

Hey guys, it is fine. You have shown us, you are there. The Talibs weren’t tired or interested in peace talks. We know, you are there, you took a deep breath. you have no interested in reconciliation. And yes, I guess, you want us foreigners out of the country. Just I have so many friends who wants us to stay. and I like them more, so I stay and I will work politically that we will stay. that is a promise!

But for now, please stop. Let’s have another malt and get some sleep.

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